I am always keen to hear from prospective students and volunteers who share my interest in animal movement, social behaviour and disease ecology. Have a look at my research and publication page to find out more about my research interests.

Prospective students. I have few research ideas in mind revolving around foraging and decision making in challenging environments, but I am open to discuss your own ideas if they fit in my general research interests and study systems. I believe that you will get the most out of your Masters or PhD project if it aligns well with the existing study systems that I use, and fits into the overall research theme. My sheep study system in particular allows to address a large variety of research questions ranging from fundamental questions to applied questions. Most of my research projects generate a lot of data as we often intimately follow a large number of animals using GPS collars. Hence, it would be important that you have keen interest in learning quantitative skills.

Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in one of my research projects, please get in touch. We usually do several trips per year to the Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station where we collect our field data, which is near Broken Hill in Western NSW. But there are also opportunities to become involved while we are in Sydney.

For enquiries, please contact stephan.leu[at]adelaide.edu.au