Current students

Ko-Huan Lee (PhD). Dynamic disease networks in lizards.
Co-supervised by Martin Whiting

Molly Gilmour (MSc). The role of personality on spatial behaviour in merino sheep (Ovis aries).
Co-supervised by Simon Griffith

Katrin Quiring (Undergraduate exchange from the University of Goettingen). Landscape use in relation to environmental conditions by merino sheep (Ovis aries) in the Australian semi-arid rangelands.

Seer Ikurior (PhD, Massey University, New Zealand). The effect of nematode infection on sheep movement, and developping sustainable tools for nematode control.
Co-supervised with Bill Pomroy and colleagues at Massey University

Nicolette Armansin (PhD). Social networks, disease transmission and population genetics in the endangered Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea).
Co-supervised with Culum Brown and colleagues at Macquarie University