Current students

Sarah Bartsch (PhD, 2022-). Animal behaviour and cognition as a predictor of vulnerability to anthropogenic influences and response to conservation efforts.
Co-supervised by Alexandra Whittaker, University of Adelaide.

Bobbie Baida (PhD, 2020-). Evaluating heat stress in Merino ewes.
Co-supervisor. Supervised with Will Van Wettere and Alyce Swinbourne, University of Adelaide.

Past students


Vartan Vartparonian (Honours, 2022). The use of social information by sheep, Ovis aries, and its influence on individual foraging efficiency.
Sarah Bartsch (Honours, 2021-2022).The Effects of Uncertainty on Movement and Space-use in Sheep.
Ko-Huan Lee (PhD, 2018-2022). Bacterial and parasitic effects on the performance of lizards.
Co-supervisor. Supervised with Martin Whiting, Macquarie University


Katja Della Libera (Undergraduate Thesis Student, 2020-2021). Fission-fusion dynamics in sheep. Supervised with Ari Strandburg-Peshkin, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and Konstanz University


Seer Ikurior (PhD, Massey University, New Zealand). The effect of nematode infection on sheep movement, and developing sustainable tools for nematode control.
Collaborator. Supervised by Bill Pomroy and colleagues at Massey University


Molly Gilmour (MSc, 2018-2019). The role of personality on spatial behaviour in merino sheep (Ovis aries).
Co-supervised by Simon Griffith
Molly graduated in early 2019. She is now travelling the world.


Katrin Quiring (Undergraduate exchange from the University of Goettingen). Landscape use in relation to environmental conditions by merino sheep (Ovis aries) in the Australian semi-arid rangelands.
Katrin is back in Germany, finishing her studies at Goettingen.